Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Summer 2021 Season?

  • Practices start the week of June 1st (weather permitting)
  • Games Begin the week of June 14th.
  • Games/Practices will be played on your divisions designated nights at various fields. (Practices will be at your "home" field)
  • Closing Games will be on Saturday, July 24th.


How do I know what age group to register for?

  • Baseball age groups are determined by the player’s age on April 30, 2021.
  • Tee Ball – Ages 4-6
  • Machine Pitch – Ages 7-8
  • Minors  – Ages 9-10
  • Majors  – Ages 11-12
  • Mountain 16U – Ages 13-16


What is the difference at each age group?

  • Tee Ball is the introduction to baseball for our youngest players. Emphasis is on learning the basics of the game and having FUN!  Thanks to local grants we are able to offer Tee ball for FREE again this year!  Practices and games last for 60 minutes.  Games and practices will be Monday and Wednesday nights.
  • Machine Pitch is the second step in a player’s baseball progression. Players will have the opportunity to try pitching to a batter.  Thanks to local grants we are now able to offer Machine Pitch for FREE! The emphasis for this age group is expanding the baseball knowledge and having FUN!  Practices are 60 minutes, and games last for 90 minutes.  Games and practices will be Tuesday and Thursday nights.
  • Minors is the beginning of a true baseball game. Players field all positions on the diamond, and have umpires calling balls and strikes.  Base paths and pitching distances are age appropriate.  Did we mention fun?  Yes, this is FUN!  Games are up to 6 innings, or until the 2 hour 15 minutes time limit is reached.  Games and practices will be Tuesday and Thursday nights.
  • Majors is the next step. The field dimensions are larger and a real game of baseball begins to appear.  Games last 6 innings or until the 2 hour 15 minutes time limit is reached.  Games and practices will be Monday and Wednesday nights.
  • Mountain 16U– This summer season, players ages 13-16 will be in a local league where they will play against each other 6 times. This age group plays in Breckenridge at Kingdom Park, under the lights.  Games are typically 8 - 10 p.m. There are no practices, just a game every Wednesday


What are the costs for each age group?

  • Tee Ball – Ages 4-6 - FREE (If registered prior to April 20, 2020)
  • Machine Pitch – Ages 7-8- FREE (If registered prior to April 20, 2020)
  • Minors  – Ages 9-10 - $185.00 ($235 after April 20, 2020)
  • Majors  – Ages 11-12 - $185.00 ($235 after April 20, 2020)

What equipment does my participant need to provide?

  • Participants need proper shoes for running on grass and/or dirt infields.  Molded Baseball cleats are suggested but not required. Metal spikes are allowed for Mountain 16U.
  • Baseball glove
  • Baseball pants (not required for MP or TB)

Are Scholarships available?

  • Yes they are!
  • We are offering many opportunities throughout the season to help our program by participating in fundraising efforts, a certain number of which will be expected from each family utilizing the scholarship program.
  • Maximum scholarship amount is 50% of the registration fee.
  • In return for scholarship awards SYBS is asking scholarship beneficiaries to provide dedicated volunteer hours assisting with fundraising efforts such as concession stand operations, coupon book sales, and help with other fundraising and general activity.
  • Please fill out the application form during the registration process and return to in order to be considered for this program.


When does registration close?

  • Registration will close on Sunday - May 2, 2021, at midnight.
  • Teams will be formed on May 5, 2020.
  • Take advantage of Early Bird registration, fees will go up to $50 on April 18, 2021.

Why does registration close so early?

  • There's a lot to do!
  • In order to form teams, Find sponsors, meet with coaches, reserve fields and order jerseys and hats to be printed and delivered by Opening Day, we need the month to make this happen.
  • Help spread the word!!

What time commitment should we expect?

  • While the exact dates and times have yet to be finalized, you will practice or play twice a week. With the exception of Opening and Closing Days which are on Saturdays
  • Opening and closing day (only 2 Saturdays) at the Dam Fields will allow the baseball community to come together in one common area.  We are looking forward to having a few opportunities to visit with all the parents and players at these events.
  • All other games and practices will be on your team's scheduled day of the week.


This sounds great, how can I help?

  • Volunteers are always welcome and needed!  We are seeking volunteer coaches, team administrators, scorekeepers, business sponsors, and fundraising volunteers.  Please sign up at registration and we will contact you to get involved.


I still have a couple of questions, who should I contact?