Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about our upcoming Summer Season:

How do I know what age group to register for and how much does it cost?

  • Baseball age groups are determined by the player’s age on April 30, 2023
  • (Upon Request, special permission is granted for children with experience to move up an age group for Summer Ball Only- Please Contact with your individual requests)
  • Tee Ball – Ages 4-6 - Mondays & Wednesdays - FREE ($50 if registered after April 14, 2023)
  • Coach pitch – Ages 7-8 - Tuesdays & Thursdays - $35 ($85 if registered after April 14, 2023)
  • Minors – Ages 9-10 - Tuesdays & Thursdays - $190.00 ($240.00 if registered after April 14, 2023)
  • Major  – Ages 11-12 - Mondays & Wednesdays - $190.00  ($240.00 if registered after April 14, 2023)
  • Sandlot 16U – Ages 13-16 - Tuesday or Wednesday night - $100 - No practices, just one game/week under the lights.

What is the difference at each age group?

  • Tee Ball is the introduction to baseball for our youngest players.  Emphasis is on learning the basics of the game and having FUN!  Thanks to local grants and fundraising we are able to offer Tee ball for FREE again this year! Some teams will be scheduled to play 1 game only in Fairplay during the season.
  • Coach Pitch is the second step in a player’s baseball progression.   The emphasis for this age group is expanding their baseball knowledge and having FUN!  Players will hit pitches from the coach and begin learning about strikes and outs. By the end of the season, coaches will encourage players that are ready to start pitching. Some teams will be scheduled to play 1 game only in Fairplay during the season.
  • Minors is the beginning of a true baseball game.  Players field all positions on the diamond, and have umpires calling the game.  Base paths and pitching distances are age appropriate.  Did we mention fun?  Yes, this is FUN! Although we try to keep convenience in mind, players are divided on teams to create a level playing field and can not guarantee players will be with all of their friends or at the “home” field.
  • Majors is the next step.  The field dimensions are larger and a real game of baseball begins to appear.   Players are divided on teams to create a level playing field and split competitive players amongst all teams.
  • Sandlot 16u - Nights Under the Lights- Players ages 13-16 will be in a local league where they will play against each other 6 times.  This age group plays in Breckenridge at Kingdom Park, under the lights.  Games are typically 8 - 10 p.m. (on either Tues or Wed nights)  - No practices, just one game/week under the lights in Breckenridge. This division will foster fun and continuation of play for this age group. Teams will vary week to week based on attendance. There will be an umpire present at each game. 


What equipment does my participant need to provide?

  • Participants need proper shoes for running on grass and/or dirt infields.  Molded baseball cleats are suggested but not required for minors and majors.  Metal spikes are NOT allowed. Pioneer Sports in Dillon have some cleats
  • Baseball glove - appropriate size for player and division
  • Baseball pants in  any color (for minors and majors)


How are teams formed? 

  • Many factors are put into play for team placement
  • For TB, players may indicate 1 friend or coach they would like to play with. We do our best to fulfill the request, but it can not always be guaranteed. For TB and CP, players are placed on the “home” team of the elementary school they attend. If your child lives in one town but attends school in another town, please indicate your “home field” preference in the “special circumstances” space in the registration form. (Park County players will be placed on a Fairplay team for TB and CP if there are teams, and unless otherwise requested at the time of registration)
  • For Minors & Majors, we first try to balance spring players amongst the teams to balance the baseball experience.  We keep siblings of the same level together. Consider location (school and/or home) and last is special requests which are harder to fulfill at these age groups. We are confident that with the positive support of parents, this is a great opportunity for kids to make new friends. (Park County players will be placed on a Fairplay team IF there are enough players to field a full Park County team at each level. If NOT, then Park County players will be placed on a Breckenridge team)
  • Other primary factors are: Team Sponsors, Coaches, field locations, and 1st-time players.
  • Other secondary factors are: Known time away, balanced team sizes, and special requests
  • As you can see, this is a large puzzle that we do our best to fit the pieces together. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment. It is not a perfect system, but we spend hours of discussions before finalizing the placements. Positive parental support helps give your child the opportunity to embrace new experiences and make new friends. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding that we are unable to fulfill every request.


Are Scholarships available?

  • Yes, they are!
  • The scholarship amount is 50% of the registration fee.
  • In return, SYBS asks all scholarship beneficiaries to provide volunteer hours assisting with fundraising efforts such as concession stand operations, home-run derby, golf tournament, or other fundraising events.
  • Please fill out the application from the registration and return to in order to be considered for this program. (It must be emailed and can not be viewed from the registration)


When does registration close?

  • Registration will close on Wednesday - May 3, 2023, at midnight. (No registrations will be accepted after this date- help spread the word now)
  • Teams will be formed by the SYBS board on May 8, 2022.
  • Take advantage of Early Bird registration. Fees will go up $50 on April 15, 2022.

What are the key dates for the season?

  • March 15  – Registration opens
  • April 15 - Early Bird Discount Ends (Registration increase $50)
  • May 3 – Registration closes (No registrations will be accepted after this date- help spread the word now)
  • May 7 - Team Formation Meeting - SYBS Board of Directors
  • May 23 - Field of Greens Golf Tournament fundraiser supporting SYBS:
  • May 24 or 25 – Coaches meetings split by divisions
  • May 30 – Practice begins 
  • June 10 - Opening Day Games + Team Pictures -ALL TEAMS
  • June 25 - SYBS at the Rockies (discounted tickets $16 or $24): 
  • June - 26-30 -Drury Baseball Camp (9am-3pm for ages 8-16) at Kingdom Park in Breckenridge
  • July 14 - Home Run Derby Fundraiser @ Dam Fields
  • July 15 – Season ending tournament w/ awards- ALL TEAMS
  • July 9 - Registration Opens for the Fall Baseball Season
  • July 16 - Registration Closes for the Fall Baseball Season

What time commitment should we expect?

  • While the exact times and locations have yet to be finalized, you will practice/play twice a week (on your designated nights listed above). Opening Day Tournament/Picture day will be on Saturday, June 10th. Closing Day Tournament with awards for all teams will end the season on Saturday, July 15th. Currently set at Dillon Dam Fields. These are the ONLY  2 Saturdays for the entire season, so families can enjoy their weekends together.


I saw something about camps, could you explain more?

  • Coach Dan Medina will be bringing his professional baseball camp and past Drury camp coaches back to Summit County this summer.  This camp is for players ages 8-16.  At least minimal baseball experience is encouraged. The camp will run from 9am-3pm each day, June 26-30 at Kingdom Park, Breckenridge.  Coach Dan was new to the camp last year, and partnered with Coach Mark Drury to run the same program. He has years of baseball coaching experience and coaches at Metro State University baseball in Denver. Along with Drury camp coaches, and.his own staff they will provide another great camp and the kids have a lot of fun!! Cost is $285. You can add this at the time of summer registration or on it’s own REGISTER AT:


Explain the SYBS at the Rockies:

  • The Rockies pair up with Youth Baseball teams across Colorado to offer fundraising or discounted tickets to teams -  We pass the savings on to you!
  • With the purchase of a ticket, players join the Summit Baseball family to walk on the field for the pre-game Youth Parade


This sounds great, how can I help?

  • Volunteers are always needed! We are seeking volunteer coaches and assistant coaches, team managers, score-keepers(for Minors and Majors), fundraising/event volunteers, concession stands, board members, and business sponsors.  Please sign up at registration and we will contact you with details to get involved.
    • If you volunteer to be a head coach, the registration fee will be refunded 100% after being assigned a team and completing the background check and concussion training (need to be able to commit to the majority of the games/practices)
    • If you volunteer to be an assistant coach the registration fee will be refunded 50% after being assigned a team and completing the background check and concussion training
    • Scorekeeper volunteers (Majors and Minors only) will be refunded 50% of the registration fee after being assigned a team. Only 1 per team, must be able to download the free Game changer app and be at the majority of the games.
  • If you, your business, or your employer’s business would be interested in sponsoring a team this summer, please reach out to or call 970-262-5778. Team sponsorships are $450. The business will be recognized with business name on jerseys, team name and business logo on our website. SYBS is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Businesses will receive a tax letter for their donation.
  • To view all volunteer, donation, and sponsorship opportunities visit:

I still have a couple questions, who should I contact?

I’m ready to proceed, show me the way!  Please click on the link below.

Register Here 


Summit Youth Baseball is a 501c3 non-profit organization run by 100% volunteer board and only 1 paid part time employee. Through fundraising, grants, local business sponsors and volunteers like you, SYBS provides 3 seasons of baseball to our youth in Summit and Park Counties.
We would like to introduce the volunteer SYBS board for this season.  Board members are voted in for 2 year terms and typically meet the 3rd week of every month; exact date, time and location information can be found on our website.  Your attendance and participation is welcome.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us with questions and/or comments.  We could not do this without you!

We are excited to get the Summer Season started!!