Will Koll

Hello, my name is William Koll.  I am very passionate about baseball.  I want other kids to experience the teamwork, effort, and lessons that baseball provides. Baseball teaches kids to work as a team with familiar and unfamiliar people, it also creates strong working values and teaches you about accountability.  The biggest lesson is learning to deal with the pressures of the game along with your failures and success.  The game teaches you to push yourself to your best ability even when you are tired and don’t have enough 'gas in the tank'.  These lessons learned in baseball are building blocks for my adulthood.

With that said, when I turned 13, I chose to create a scholarship fund to provide support for the Summit Youth Baseball program. This scholarship fund will help to provide opportunities for those kids who would not otherwise be able to play.  I was able to make this possible by working at the restaurant bussing tables and umpiring youth baseball games. I want these kids to have the same opportunities and experiences that this sport has given me. I look forward to the years ahead in learning more about myself and this amazing sport and the ability to give back to help others.

If you are interested in donating to the scholarship fund please donate here by clicking on the Donate button and note Will Koll Scholarship in the comments.  Or mail a check to PO Box 1406 so we avoid the 3% credit card processing fee.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please send an email to sybsadmin@gmail.com